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Enrique Iglesias – Hero Lyrics | AZLyrics.com

Let me be your hero. Would you dance, if I asked you to dance? Would you run, and never look back? Would you cry, if you saw me crying?

Mariah Carey – Hero Lyrics | AZLyrics.com

There’s a hero. If you look inside your heart. You don’t have to be afraid. Of what you are. There’s an answer. If you reach into your soul

Family of the Year – Hero Lyrics – Genius

Family of the Year – Hero Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 2] And we can whisper things. Secrets from our American dreams. Baby needs some protection. But I’m a kid like everyone else. So let me go

Hero Lyrics: Let me go / I don’t wanna be your hero / I don’t wanna be a big man / Just wanna fight with everyone else / Your masquerade / I don’t wanna be a part of your parade / Everyone

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